5-22-17 Meeting

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the meeting tomorrow will be our last meeting at Culemans Hall until fall. That means that May 29th we will not have a meeting due to it being Memorial Day and then we will start meeting at Prospect Park normal time. Also, for service hours, Sacred Heart is looking for volunteers to help at their annual Second Hand Rummage Sale. The times needed are Saturday, June 3rd, at 3-6:00PM; Sunday, June 4th, 8AM-2PM and Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (June 5th, 6th, and 7th) from 8AM-4PM. Please feel free to help out at any of these hours. See you tomorrow!

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5-15-17 Meeting

Hello all, sorry for posting a little later than I usually do. Tonight’s meeting will focus mainly on knots. We will be playing different knot games to enhance our knot skills. Also, make sure you turn in your updated physical forms. Mr. DeWitt sent out the medical forms through email. Finally, there will be no meeting on Monday, May 29th because of memorial day. See you tonight!

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May Camp Out Permission Slip

Hello all, I have attached the link to the May campout permission slip. Please fill this out and let Mr. DeWitt know ASAP if you are going. This camp out is Wilderness Survival themed, but if you don’t want to build your own shelter, we will have tents and cooking equipment avalaible. Sorry for the late notice!

Samuel Maynard

Permission Slip-2

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Mulch Service Project at Sacred Heart

Hello all, I just wanted to remind you to attend the service project at Sacred Heart tomorrow at 8:45 AM. At 8:45 we will meet up by the flagpoles in the memorial garden. Please check in with Cliff Zurell so that he will know who is working. Please bring gloves, garden rakes, shovels, and wheelbarrows. Please remember that the more people there are, the faster we will get done. You might want to bring plastic garbage bags to sit on for the ride home. Wet mulch can be fragrant and might get into the fabric. Please remember how much Sacred Heart has done for this troop. Even if you can’t stay for long, the parish will still appreciate everything that you have done to help them.

Webmaster, Samuel Maynard

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3/24/17 Meeting

Hello all, just a reminder that may 5-6 is Spring Fellowship. This is for OA troop members only. If you have any questions about the OA or this event please call, text, or email me and I will get back to you. Camp cards are still for sale. If you would like to purchase any please ask Mr. Dewitt. Each card is $5.00 and $2.50 goes into your scouting fund. Also, please remember leadership positions are still available to anyone who would like one. Finally, tomorrow we will be studying flag etiquette to improve our skills with the flag.

Samuel Maynard, Webmaster and OA Troop Rep
Phone Number: (309) 236-3870
Email: wolfmansam1166@gmail.com

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4/10/17 Meeting

Hello all, I just wanted to remind you to wear full uniform for tomorrow’s meeting due to pictures being taken for the year book. Also, congrats to the troop for being awarded the 99 years of Scouting award! Great job!

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Weekend Activity For 4/8/17

Hello all, due to unfortunate circumstances our planned camp out for this Friday had to be cancelled. In its place, the troop has planned to meet at Helium Park in Eldridge from noon until 2 on Saturday, April 8th. Helium park is a new and fun trampoline center. The website is http://heliumparkqc.com. We will meet at Helium Park and will have an adult leader supervision between the hours of twelve and two. Cost for two hours of jumping is $18 and you are required to wear their socks. If you have already purchased their socks you can bring them, otherwise the socks cost $3, which is donated to charity.
The address is;
400 S. 14th Ave
Eldridge, IA. 52748
You can go to their website and watch the 2-3 minute safety video and sign the waiver prior to arrival instead of doing the safety training at the park. Make sure you sign the group waiver. You are responsible for transportation to and from the event. Carpooling is encouraged.

Samuel R. Maynard

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April 3 Meeting Info

Hello all, my name is Samuel Maynard and pretty soon I will be taking over the Troop 109 Website as Webmaster. Each week I will send out information to you about the upcoming meeting, camp outs, and more! For the troop meeting tomorrow you need to wear full uniform for pictures. Also, please remember to attend our fun Day Trip on Saturday, April 8th at the trampoline park. More information will be sent out by email very soon!

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Welcome to the new site!

Hello all!


Corey DeLathower, Webmaster

It’s your webmaster here making my first post. I would like to introduce you to the new and improved Troop 109 website. As more and more of the troop subscribes to the website, it will hopefully be used to replace the email chains that fly around. These blog posts, which you will find when you open the webpage, will be used by leaders and the webmaster to send out reminders about meetings and camp-outs. In the future, they will also be used to send out permission slips to scouts as well as other informational documents. If you are seeing this post and have not yet subscribed to the website, please do so that you will receive an email alert any time a post is made. This link is found on the right side of the page, and is easily accessible. When you have submitted your subscription, you will receive an email to confirm your subscription to the website. The website is a great tool to not only show off the Troop, but to increase the communication powers of it as well. So please subscribe as soon as possible to receive Troop 109 updates!

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