Troop 109 Trading Post

Troop 109 has several items for sale through our adult leadership. Just bring the required money to the next meeting, or download an order form and place your order! Some gear is in stock. Check with DooDah or Mr.V for availability and grab the items in stock while supplies last!

Official Troop 109 Class B Gear!
Troop 109 gear is available with a new logo.  Through the Graphic Arts Merit Badge, the troop has created a new design for gear.  You can see the new design on the right and on a few shirts those who participated in the MB created.  The new design is printed large and centered.  These are official activity (Class B) uniforms.  Below is the information about the gear and an order form.

We offer only tan short-sleeve t-shirts and long-sleeve hooded sweatshirts.  The shirts come in the following sizes Adult (S, M, L, XL, XXL).  If there is a different type or size of shirt you’d like, please make a note of it on the form.  The troop can investigate costs and options.

Get order form here.

We will take orders throughout the year. But we will only place the order when we have enough quantity to justify the cost of set-up at the screenprinters.

Orders for the embroidered 109 Hats can be placed immediately.

Some older gear is still available for immediate purchase. Just ask Mr. Rogers and we’ll see if we have your size gear in stock!

Official 75 Year Troop 109 Shoulder Patches
$4.00 No more sewing three different numerals to your shirt! And no need to order, just bring Doo Dah the money and he’ll give you your patch.

Official Troop 109 Neckerchief
Every member of Troop 109 receives an Official Neckerchief when they enter the troop and receive their Scout. But you may have lost yours and need another. We have them for the low, low price of $5.00 Once again, no need to order, just bring your money and we’ll give you your scarf. (click on item to see larger image.)